In the morning we leave Sibiu towards Balea Waterfall, the starting point of our trekking tour. Once we reach the cable car station, we leave the car, taking our backpacks and starting the hiking adventure, exploring the North side of Fagaras Mountain Range. The mountain trail starts from 1200 m high, passing through the dense forest of the Carpathian Mountains. After one hour we reach Balea Waterfall, one of the highest waterfall in Romania, having 60 m high. Here we will take a break to admire the spectacular surrounding and to take some pictures. Once we cross Balea Passing the valley will open in front of our eyes and for the following hours, the ascension will become a pleasant one. From now on we will walk along Transfagrasan scenic road crossing different small creeks enjoying this magnificent mountain scenery. INFO! Transfagarasan Along this valley there are a few shepherd houses where we can try some of the local cheese. After 3 hours we will reach the top of this trail, located at 2030 m high. Here you can admire the crystal waters of Balea Lake, one of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Romania. You will have the opportunity to take great pictures and serve a delicious Romanian traditional lunch made with polenta and cheese. After lunch we will take the cable car and go back to the parking lot where we left the car.







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